NBC’s Today Show ran a story this morning that perfectly illustrates why no business is too small to invest in the security of their network and devices.

In the segment, they discussed a situation where an employee clicked a malicious link that allowed an attacker to take control of their Facebook account and use it to post objectionable content. For a small business, word of mouth and online reputation could mean the difference between being profitable and closing the doors for good. In this case the objectionable posts drove away customers, and since they were now locked out of their own account there was no way to stop it from continuing.

This isn’t the only situation that could take down a small business, though. Consider what would happen if a virus were to make it onto your computer and encrypt all of your vital business documents, things like your book keeping software and your customer records. Or the impact to your business if your customers found out that hackers had stolen their personal information because of your lax network security.

That’s a scary concept. In less time than it takes to read this article you could lose everything critical to the running of your business. How can you protect yourself?

There is no silver bullet to the problem of computer security, but the good news is that there are people (like us here at NetTex Solutions) who can help. We can consult with you on how to build a good “defense in depth” strategy to make sure your computers are as secure as possible and your network is robust enough to survive any attack. And with our NetTex Pandora IDS solution you can get the critical visibility into your network you need to understand exactly what’s happening and identify attacks before they become a problem — something that would have helped save EquiFax before their big breach, as the government report made clear last week.