U.S. Government Says Healthcare Providers Need Better Cyber Security - Image of Magnifying glass zoomed in on a laptop screen as if it's getting investigated.

It used to be that cyber security was something that only the larger companies needed to worry about. But as we’ve become a more connected world nearly every company uses software and technology to conduct their business, whether that’s just a corporate email account or some cloud based platform.

For the healthcare industry there’s been a requirement for cyber security defenses for a number of years now, specifically the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. While that law does a good job encouraging larger companies to improve their cyber security defenses, it doesn’t mandate very much for small clinics and offices beyond some basic good practices.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) realized that there’s a gap, and that the same cyber security defenses that larger companies are employing need to be rolled out into every medical office and place where patient records are kept. In a document issued late last year, HHS laid out a recommendation for how every doctor’s office and medical clinic should be preparing themselves to detect and defend against cyber attacks.

Health and Human Services recommendations fall into a couple general categories:

  • Improve detection of attacks by installing IDS devices and other sensors
  • Improve network segmentation to minimize the impact of attacks
  • Implement “Defense In Depth” strategies, not just a single solution

None of this is easy. These recommendations are things that even large companies struggle to achieve.

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