U.S. Government Says Healthcare Providers Need Better Cyber Security

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It used to be that cyber security was something that only the larger companies needed to worry about. But as we've become a more connected [...]

All Businesses, Especially Small Businesses, Need Cyber Defenses

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NBC's Today Show ran a story this morning that perfectly illustrates why no business is too small to invest in the security of their network and devices. [...]

IDS Configuration for Beginners (BSides San Antonio 2018)

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This past weekend I presented a talk at BSides San Antonio titled "IDS Configuration for Beginners." Here's the abstract from the conference website: Whether you're securing your [...]

Three Reasons to Deploy a Standalone IDS Instead of a Firewall with IPS

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It seems like the current trend in networking equipment and datacenter design is to combine as many things as possible into as few physical devices as you [...]

D-Link Security Cameras Using mydlink App Leak Passwords

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UPDATE: This vulnerability has been assigned the Common Vulnerability and Exposure ID of CVE-2018-7698 by MITRE. I've been testing out a beta version of an IDS (Intrusion [...]