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// Is Your Data Worth a NetTex Pandora IDS? // Absolutely.

A traditional firewall is the foundation of any secure network environment. It does a fantastic job of blocking basic attacks, but it can’t stop or even detect things like botnets and malware. It doesn’t care when your employees visit questionable websites. It can’t sense when your applications are leaking your passwords or your customer’s credit card numbers to hackers.

// How Do We Stack Up Against Our Competitors? // 

NetTex Pandora IDS AlertLogic TM Sophos SG 105
Throughput Up to 1 Gbps Up to 1 Gbps 350 Mbps
Interface Cloud Dashboard Cloud Dashboard Local Dashboard
Implementation Easy – In-Line Easy – In-Line Hard – Replaces your firewall
Alerts Email / Phone Email / Phone Email
Alert Investigation Support Optional Required Not Available
Unit Cost As little as $75 N/A $638*
Annual Cost Starting at $300 $2,376* $147*
Total Implementation Cost (1 Year) Call for Quote $2,376* $785


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