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Give Your Staff Something Better To Do

Get back to doing what really matters in your business instead of spending valuable time and resources on slow or inconsistent networks.

Our Pandora Network Management System uses advanced analytics technology to understand your network. It knows what “normal” is for your office, store, or restaurant, and can automatically step in to start fixing things before you even realize that there’s a problem.


Fixed Before Your Even Know There's a Problem

Our Pandora Network Management System constantly checks to make sure that your network is running normally, and immediately fixes it as soon as something goes wrong.

Easy Configuration Changes

No command line, no funky user interface.

Finished in Seconds

Your Pandora can make changes to your network from a web based dashboard which you can access from anywhere in the world. Make changes just as easily standing in your office as you would flying at 30,000 feet (with in-flight WiFi).

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